Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it almost time?

  Cathy is very weak. She insisted I take her out to the flea market Saturday morning and I did. I knew better but she wasn't going to be a good girl if I didn't take her. I did everything I could to keep any stress and/or exertion away from her but it wasn't any good. She has been either unconsious or nearly unconsious for three days now except for maybe an hour and some odd minutes anout 3:00 this morning. She was complaining of cold early yesterday through her haze and I put  a heating pad on her upper legs. Her extremities were getting cold and I believe she didn't have enough life in her to keep her body temperature up and keep her heart beating for very long so I did what I thought best. I also had her on oxygen most of the time since she lost consiousness Sat. She made me leave it off after she woke up early this morning. Also, the heating pad was set on only medium but still gave her a blister on her thigh. I'll have to keep a watch out for any signs of infection. She just doesn't have anything extra in her poor little body to fight with any more. Can't continue.

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