Friday, January 21, 2005

Whats With These People

Please god save us from ourselves. What can I say? First thing on the news this morning, our V P says Iran is not making nice. ( not a quote) What does that say to people in the region right after a news report saying the US is determining targets in Iran. I thought our leaders wern't totaly, completely, stupid idiots, even though, imho, they have been acting like zealots from day one. Are they, under the guise of promoting freedom, trying to restart the religious crusades of long ago? Are they realy as educated as they are supposed to be? I thought higher education consisted of teaching people to THINK and look for TRUTH in any major undertaking. When I weigh the actions and rhetoric of the current administration with the current and recent events in the world, I find it hard to believe that an honest, thinking, educated person or group could do and say the things that these people have been getting away with unless they had some secret agenda. What other reason could there be for Nazi like tactics used to decieve and keep in line the american people. When was the last time we had so many people in the news because they got fired ( lost their means of feeding their family) for voicing discontent with an administrations policies? That would appear to most people to be inappropriate and undue pressure to shape public opinion. Isn't that against the law? And while we're at it, isn't lying to congress against the law? It seemed to be when (wild) Bill Clinton did it. Why hasn't someone " INDICTED" George W.(warmonger) Bush on charges of lying to congress? He and any inteligent, thinking person (imho) has to know that John Kerry was right in his " off air " statement about the whole lot being a bunch of liars. Another crime commited by this administration is taking our country to war for regime change. I wasn't realy the most civic minded person ( not a fanatic about keping up on the worlds problems) in America, but wasn't there a law passed and ratified that prohibits going to war just to change the existing power structure or regime that is currently in power. Listen to the reasons for this war now and you'ld think it was always about freeing the people of Iraq. Stop Sadam Hussein (?) from killing his own people. Well, they have no freedon, our sons and daughters are dying by the thousands and innocent Iraqi women and children and even men too, are dying by the tens of thousands. Only now, its our young men and women who are being put in the position of having to do such atrocious things or risk being killed or maimed themselves. ( Do our sons and daughters derserve to be put in this situation after they volunteer to protect us and our way of life.) .
If you think peace and tolerance are just " the right thing to do" drop me an email.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

First day of the rest of the world

Give me a break, please. I'm new to this .
If you've read the discription, you know I can't stand the half truths and outright lies of the current administration. I try to look at the world and question everything ( almost everything) and for the life of me, I can't understand how George W.(warmonger) Bush was elected president for a second term. And please, don't let me get started about the connections ( real and implied) (Tricky Dick ) our VP has with big money. What has happened to our nation? Are so many of our citizens so busy ( or maybe greedy) that they can't and don't want to know the truth about whats going on in the world around us. Can't they see that the current hawkish stance of the US is creating the next wave of real terrorists ( not just "insurgents" trying to drive out an invading army) and giving them cause to strike out at americans everywhere? What would any of you do if if your homes were bombed. If your family were killed and all you got were a polite " Sorry bout that " and a check.
Please god, let our people think and open their eyes .