Thursday, February 03, 2005

Are You Out There

Hello! Hello! Does anybody out there care? Do you realize we are traveling down a dangerous path? Are we not a civilized nation of rational, thinking, and aware people? Don't inteligent people think about how their actions are going to affect things around them? Don't inteligent people pay attention to their leaders? And doesn't thoughtfull reflection tell us that our leaders are presently playing "cold war " politics with the people of what is still the FREE nation of the United States of America? Do you think that an honest person would knowingly lie and use the opinions of an obscure butt kisser with wacked out ideas ( with no basis in reality it appears) to justify taking the stability of our elderly and asking the people to GAMBLE the future on such an unstable " poker game " like stock markets and futures markets. After a lot of research, its apparent that the only winners in the stock and futures markets are the traders themselves and the already rich that get preferential treatment. How can the average citizen hope to just keep up, much less have a profitable outcome with odds like that? You'ld have as good a chance taking your retirement money and placing it on a roulette table.
Please inform yourself! This world is getting dangerously unstable. Do you want your children and grandchildren to live in fear of their neighbors and their own government. When we go through life looking no further in front of us that the tips of our shoes, we have little chance of making a world that will be both free and safe. But we have to look, without any sort of blinders, into the future and realize what we, our leaders, and the people and leaders of other cultures are doing and allowing to be done to our people and our world.